Your temporary e-mail address


Whats is tempmaill ?

Tempmaill is a temporary email provider (also known as disposable mail, temp mail, fake mail, ten minutes mail, etc.), is a must-have service that generates a disposable email address designed to replace your original one. It expires after few hours and allows you to stay anonymous online while getting unwanted emails on a temporary email address that disappears after a while. In general, using tempmaill is a perfect way to protect your primary mailbox from worthless spam. it will protect your real email address from spam, advertising mailings, malwares. Only text and html messages are allowed, file attachments are disabled. The main reason for this is to protect users from dangerous content and viruses.

How does it work ?

Here you can get a randomly generated email address and even rename it for free. Just copy it to the clipboard and paste whenever you need it for registration. Then click the Refresh button to check if you got a reply. Please pay attention that you can receive emails with the generated email, not send them. Received messages will be kept only for 48 hours.

Where can I use a tempmaill?

  • If you are a programmer, temporary mail is a good way to check are your mails being sent.
  • On any non-trustworthy place where you're afraid of your data.
  • To prevent spam and unwanted mails. This is a great way to keep your real email address safe.
  • Accounts in Netflix, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

How long we keep your mail messages?

We keep the received emails for less than 12 hours from the date of receipt. After this period, the emails are permanently deleted from our systems and cannot be restored.